What We Do — Soft Skills

Soft Skills, including etiquette, multicultural manners, business attire, table manners and general self-awareness are the glue required to bond diverse teams. Building cohesive teams requires a focused commitment to personal and professional development.

We help organizations create cohesion and harmony by designing tailor-made programs that help associates of all levels fulfill their potential and help your organizational culture flourish in the competencies essential to drive business forward.

Collaborating with human capital development departments, we target skills gaps and recommend, design and deliver a schedule of prioritized, customized training and development courses.

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The Lure of Likability

It is a fact; you are naturally attracted to friendly, likable people who make you feel welcome and appreciated – the skills possessed by our greatest and most charismatic leaders. A sharp business acumen, coupled with good manners and interpersonal skills is a winning combination in business and organizational dynamics.

Satisfied, valued workers pass these positive feelings on to clients by treating them with a high level of respect, to colleagues in the manners in which they interact and by representing the organization in a positive manners everywhere and at all times.

Learning the principles of professional presence, including business etiquette and interpersonal skills can eliminate common workplace distractions, e.g., lack of respect for colleague contributions and personality clashes.

Benefits to the Organization

♦ Increased morale and job satisfaction
♦ Improved channels of communication
♦ Increased productivity
♦ Increased sales and profitability
♦ Increased motivation
♦ Increased loyalty
♦ Enhanced customer service
♦ Enhanced corporate image and credibility with clients
♦ Enhanced interpersonal skills
♦ Enhanced inter-office respect and tolerance
♦ Enhanced effectiveness of global teams
♦ Reduction in turnover

Benefits to the Workers

♦ Improved team dynamics and focus
♦ Improved team dynamics and collaboration
♦ Increased opportunities and career trajectory
♦ Improved morale
♦ Improved communication
♦ Improved productivity
♦ Improved tolerance and understanding
♦ Improved reputations and circles of influence
♦ Enhanced interest and interaction
♦ Enhanced problem solving techniques
♦ Reduced conflicts and personality clashes
♦ Reduced turnover


Reap the Rewards of Developed Soft Skills

Business Class has helped CEOs, board chairs, sales leaders, athletes, and fast-tracked new hires to achieve professional goals and success by bringing awareness to interpersonal skills & soft skills. While simultaneously, guiding these professionals toward communicating with clarity, charisma, and style. In a dynamic learning environment, with knowledge and practice, participants gain the confidence needed to become passionate performers.

Business Class will help you enhance the talent of your hand-picked associates, increase sales, and strengthen relationships and expertise throughout your organization.