Campus to Career — Professional Manners Primer

How you appear is a critical factor in how you are perceived.


Students will learn to:
• Make a great and memorable first and lasting impression
• Initiate proper greetings, introductions and conversation starters
• Understand the importance of deferment and respect in professional settings
• Shed undesirable habits acquired during the college career
• Master the consultative approach in interviews and impress recruiters
• And more…

Excellent grades and academic achievements account for only a fraction of what employers desire, and exhibiting polished professional manners, social savvy and emotional intelligence can make a critical difference. Being recognized as a stand-out and a potential, future leader and career star requires knowledge of proper etiquette and building social intelligence in all interactions. The Campus to Career program guides current students and alumni through a myriad of techniques which will helps participants to be successful in lifelong career planning and creating a positive professional image. From first impressions and dining etiquette to the 21st century interview thank you note, students and young professionals will learn how to stand out in the ultra-competitive global marketplace. Participants realize the control they wield in their career trajectory by polishing their business etiquette and self-presentation skills.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Avoid frequent and fatal faux pas
• Make a great impression in recruiting sessions
• Stand-out in networking and social gatherings
• Dress like a professional and avoid mistakes in formal and casual environments
• Dine with confidence as the guest or host
• Learn the techniques to become the office star and “go to” person

Workshops include custom-designed guides complete with reminders and tips. Specific curriculum is crafted to address the needs and desires of participants.

Social and Life Skills for Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism

Students will learn:
• Positive ways to get attention
• Recognizing and greeting peers and instructors
• Meeting new people and conversation skills
• How to handle and express frustration and disappointment
• Expressing empathy and emotions
• And more…

Designed for children, adolescents and young adults diagnosed with Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders, essential social and life skills are taught and reinforced in a patient and engaging environment. Challenges including social-emotional growth, family relations, communication skills, classroom conduct and job readiness are addressed with a steady, methodical approach. Private and small group classes include age appropriate strategies and activities that will help students modify behaviors, increase confidence, make and keep friends, understand the importance of being on time and increase sensitivity and awareness as to how actions and reactions affect their relationships. Recent, independent assessments are encouraged prior to registering for one-on-one or group classes. Parents receive frequent feedback, activities and exercises to reinforce lessons at home.

In addition to points of concentration expressed by parents, students will learn:
• Manners, politeness and consideration
• Dining skills and table etiquette
• Eye contact , smiles and being friendly and attentive
• Avoiding and resolving conflicts
• Listening skills and taking direction
• How to be a caring family member/sibling
• Non-verbal communications – body language
• How to apply for a job and interview skills
• And many other pertinent and essential skills

Specific curriculum is crafted to address the needs of the participants.