Testimonials From Professional Etiquette Courses



Your tips were helpful and educational, and the delivery itself was engaging, motivating and entertaining. We appreciate you taking the time to instruct us about how to project the best versions of ourselves, as well as better enable us to achieve our goals as a firm. We will be sure to apply these newly acquired skills in client meetings and in our business relationships.


Thank you for the level of professionalism you take the time to demonstrate on a daily basis. Your kindness was warmly received, greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

–Bank of New York Mellon

Thank you so much for your high energy, charm and enthusiasm. Your presentation was highly enjoyed by all.

–Wellington Management

Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for your class. I have used many of the tidbits you gave me on a daily basis since then. I am also very proud to report that tonight, I attended a networking event, and I didn’t get the slightest bit awkward or creepy or sweaty, haha! I even introduced myself to total strangers, who ended up being very open and friendly–to the point that we swapped business cards! You are a gift from heaven, I swear.

–Young Professional – Boston MA

Incredible! The only way I can describe your class.

–Boston Center for Adult Education

We want to thank you for joining us and presenting your workshop for the second year in a row! We only receive positive feedback from all of our colleagues. Thanks again, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


I am so much more poised because of you. You are such an energetic and engaging speaker.

–Wellington Management

Thank you, thank you for your commitment to teaching us how to act and behave. Please keep bringing light and enlightenment to our world!

–Sales Professional – Boston MA

“Oh My Gauche!” has made incorporating changes in our business culture simple and straightforward. Our concerns were directly addressed, including sensitive issues that no manager wanted to bring up with their people and the impression that may be given to customers concerning skirt lengths, cleavage, bare legs and men’s business style. Susan covered it all, from handshakes to thank you notes. We are in the entertainment/hospitality industry and we walk the fine line between clients who go from button-down to funky. Susan defined our somewhat elusive dress code. We now have clear guidelines that allow individuality and creativity to flourish. “Oh my Gauche!” is an asset in helping us to make positive impressions in all situations.”

–Longwood Events

Testimonials From University Etiquette Courses


It was a great event, and everyone in attendance learned plenty of new and applicable information for entering the working world — be it as an intern or entry level. I am absolutely going to try and be more aware of my subtle actions while in the company of others especially during interviews.

–Boston University – School of Communications

I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for your wonderful support and coaching throughout my job search. I’m beyond grateful for your incredible wisdom, expertise, generosity and kindness. I feel more than prepared for this next step in my career, and I owe it all to you.

–Student – Harvard Graduate School of Design

Thank you again for coming out on such a cold wintery night. The girls really enjoyed your talk, and I hope you enjoy reading the students reflections on your presentation. As you will see, they really got your message and took away many important lessons. I personally was very impressed and inspired by you AND your story! You made me want to pursue the things I’m passionate about with more gusto!! Thank you again for coming to Showa!! You are a blessing.

–Showa Institute for Language and Culture

The Culinary Arts Training Program class was most appreciative of the wonderful “Oh My Gauche” workshop that you presented. Your presentation was educational, informative, and sensitive to the needs of the group. The students found you engaging and developed an instant rapport . There definitely was some carry over as students have become more aware of turn ons than “turn offs”. You will be pleased to know that Brian has been hatless. Staff and students learned a lot and felt this workshop was the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for making a meaningful contribution to our program.

–Jewish Vocational Services

Thank you so much for the program you set-up for Alpha Delta Pi. I have gotten numerous compliments on the program and owe it all to you.

–Boston University

Testimonials From Adolescent & Children’s Etiquette Courses


I had read about Susan Callender before and was excited to learn she was teaching at Meadowbrook. At first my son was reluctant to attend the class, as he felt that it was some sort of punishment for not having good manners. But after the first class he was intrigued and interested. After the second class he was hooked and looked forward to it every week. He even received kudos from adults outside class who were impressed with his introduction skills.

Susan Callender is not stiff and dictatorial but lets the manners class become a living classroom – the kids learn by doing. She brings experiential learning to the children. They act out their lessons and even have extraordinary practice with table manners – eating various types of food using china and linen, while having polite dinner conversation. All of these lessons were brought home by our son each week and became fodder for our dinner conversation. Most importantly she teaches the children that good manners means we make others feel comfortable, even if manner “mistakes” are made.

Ms. Callender is amazing in that she follows up each week with a detailed email of the curriculum for the day, so as parents we know what happened and can reinforce these lessons at home. After the class ended my son decided to write a thank you note to Ms. Callender for the class and all that he learned. Even now, if the manners begin to suffer, we just say ‘what would Ms. Callender say about that?’, and the kids immediately straighten up and employ their best manners. We heartily recommend the class for all ages!

–S.S., Weston, MA

The knowledge and information you shared with our young adults was invaluable and will help them obtain and maintain a job in the future. One of the students mentioned you on his evaluation by stating that the information you provided will set him up for success in the future.

–Youth Villages

We loved your last class!!! I have very warm memories of that class and I hope my kids will remember the course. Thank you for sending the manners guide. Several of the items were either new to me or helpful for reinforcement (such as where to place the name tag, how to make small talk etc.). I will be keeping these tips in my work bag as a good reminder for how to act.

Thank you again for all your work and effort with the children and your obvious commitment to enhancing and promoting manners in all of us. It is such a delightful way to live and act and I have found by being aware of my actions, I am more relaxed and calm in my interactions with others. Manners does provide one with a framework / structure of how to act that actually reduces the stress of living in our hectic, digitized world.

We hope to arrange a session with you on home entertaining.

–C.M., Dedham, MA

I had to write to let you know how energized and cooperative the kids have been since our dinner. They really enjoyed it and have been very verbal about how difficult it is to do these things but how they realize it’s important. It is not very often that we all sit down and eat together or even get into the type of conversation we were introduced to while eating dinner with you. Thank you for that opportunity for all of us to experience a different family environment. Regardless of how close our family is, this brought a different aspect our lives.

–Parent of 8, 10 & 16 year-olds, Family Manners Class – Worcester MA

I cannot begin to tell you how much Samantha is enjoying your class. What a fabulous job you are doing. Thank you so much for what you are doing with our kids.

–Parent of 14 year-old – Natick MA

Susan — What a wonderful transformation! I WISH you could have seen Katie meeting the head of admissions today… You are a wonderful, fun, gracious teacher. Thanks again, so very much!

–Parent of 12 year-old – Newton MA

Thank you for what you are doing. I wish all of us, adults and children, took your class!

–Parent of 9 and 11 year-olds – Dedham MA

I want to thank you for all of your caring and teaching for my daughter, Chloe. She loves your classes, and she has really blossomed under your tutelage. Many thanks to you.

–Parent of 8 year-old Lexington MA

As someone who has a lot of interest in body language, posture, etc., I really enjoyed your presentation and wish everyone could have the opportunity to hear you speak. Thanks again.

–Youth Villages

We are so proud of how John is working to incorporate your lessons into his behavior at home. Last night, for example, he came into the kitchen to ask me if he could please begin eating dinner. John said that you taught him that he shouldn’t start until grown-ups gave permission. It was very sweet.

–Parent of 8 year-old – Wellesley MA

You truly have a wonderful program and your passion for your job shines through in all the excitement and energy you share.

–Parent of 7 year-old – Weston MA

I want to thank you for teaching Benjamin about manners and social etiquettes. It is wonderful to see him practice what he has learned at home. Even when he forgets, he quickly shows us the proper manner when we reminded him of what he learned from the class.

–Parent of 5 year-old – Weston MA

Christopher was so proud when he came home last Thursday. He told me that he did really well at manners class and he wasn’t a Goop. That evening, he insisted on using a fork and a knife for dinner. He cut up a little piece and told me that it’s too big and would give him a chipmunk cheek. So, he proceeded to cut up the big piece into 2 smaller pieces. He was chewing with his mouth closed. We were all so proud of him. Thank you so much for your care for Christopher.

–Parent of 4 year-old – Weston MA