Table Manners Tutor

Dining Decorum – Children & Teens

  • Discern the difference between meal, play and screen time
  • Create Flawless First Impressions
  • Learn how Manners Show People they Matter

“Sit-up straight”. “Close your mouth while you’re chewing.” “Take your elbows off the table.” All common refrains of parents and caretakers, and one can only hope that children remember these rules when dining with family and outside the home.

Table Manners Tutor addresses mealtime decorum and everything young people need to know about age appropriate rules for dining and how to share the lessons in a mannerly way with family and friends.

This engaging and interactive course relieves stressful situations at home, restaurants and special events, and provides parents with a sense of confidence when children are guests.

Comprehensive topics taught in two formats

Age 5 to 18
Table manners classes are included in Polite Society program curriculum

Please inquire about private and small group instruction.

– Greetings & Introductions
– How to be a Great Host or Guest
– How to Set the Table
– How to sit
– Napkin Manners
– Proper Sipping and Chewing
– Mealtime Conversation
– Continental and American Styles of Dining
– Cultural Dining Differences – Table Manners Around the World
– Casual and Special Occasion Dining
– How to Eat Bread & Butter and Soup
– Passing Food
– When to use Forks rather than Fingers
– Managing Food Allergies
– Unwanted and Distasteful Foods
– Table Manners Mistakes
– Consuming Messy Foods
– Deference and Respect toward Parents, Siblings and Adults
– Sharing your New Manners with Family & Friends
– Expressing Appreciation

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