Table Manners Master – Dining Etiquette for Professionals

tableInternational Dining Etiquette with The Table Manners Master

  • Impress Potential Partners
  • Learn Common Dining Faux Pas
  • Create Flawless First Impressions
  • Focus on Relationships rather than Food

Business dining with the Table Manners Master ensures that new recruits will gain the confidence needed to competently navigate their way through dining situations in North America and the far reaches of the globe. A professional must have polished interpersonal skills, be a team player, and possess social acuity. However, a developed personal brand is not enough.

Table manners and social event savvy are complimentary skill sets that prove inevitably tested in a professional career. There are a myriad of minefields to avoid when dining in a business environment. A fear or ignorance of these dining dangers can slay the sharpest salesperson or analyst.
Learning the cornerstones of dining etiquette leaves professionals equipped to ceaselessly extend their personal brand. Workplace success is not exclusive to project performance. It is a simple fact people like working with relatable, social professionals.

Table Manners Topics Addressed And FAQ Include:

Roles of Hosts and Guests
Managing RSVP’s and Cancellations
Cocktail Hours, Small Talk & Graceful Exits
How and What to Order
Alcohol Consumption
Reservations, Table Selection and the Power Seat
Continental vs. North American Dining
Navigating Simple to Elaborate Place Settings
Consuming bread and beverages
Dining Techniques for Bread, Soup and Pasta
Relationship Building Conversations
Unwanted and Distasteful Foods
Host Gifts
Avoiding Common Pitfalls and Faux Pas