Professional Presence Coaching – Individuals & Teams

Multi-Ethnic Group Of Business People Working In A Board Room

Professional Presence Coaching
Decrease conflict, manage toxic co-workers and improve relationships

Increase your Value
Develop and polish the skills required to confidently stand-out and articulate your ideas in high-powered, competitive environments.

Experience Environmental Change
We work with professionals to alter attitudes, resolve qualms, and develop communication skills to significantly improve perceptions and heighten personal  presence  through enhanced confidence and advanced influencing skills.

Outcomes To Our Approach
Coaching clients tell us that they experience significant improvement in their:

  • Confidence
  • Communication Clarity
  • Comfort in Professional & Social Settings
  • Connection
  • Ability to Influence
  • Team Cohesion
  • Professional Trajectory

Professional Presence Coaching is discreet, private and tailored to meet the specific challenges facing individuals.

Professional Presence Coaching Testimonials

Since completing the program, I find myself asking the question, “Am I making a positive impression right now?”  Another thing that the program has done is to allow me to view each office relationship and interaction individually.  It has given me a new attitude toward everything I do.

– Client Relations Director

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity afforded me to take this journey with you. I have a deeper appreciation for the power of the positive approach and what influences attitudes and behaviors. I also no longer feel like people are out to get me or make me look bad. Truly, I’ve been able to accomplish more and enjoy my accomplishments more, as a result of your coaching. I definitely have more work to do and habits to fine tune but the foundation is established for me to be open to the process of fulfilling my leadership potential. Thank you!

– Regional Manager – Fortune 200 Firm

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coaching me to become a better leader and manager. I never thought that I could be seen as a person with charisma. Implementing what I’ve learned has already resulted in better results for me and the company. Thank you once again.  I am becoming a better leader one day at a time.

– Director – IT/Software Management

I like your style, and that is why I wanted to work with you.  I spoke with a few other professional coaches, and they seemed too forceful and opinionated.  I appreciated that you got to know me first and my issues before giving advice.  I also liked the follow-up emails and how they help me to reflect upon our sessions.  And I liked how I could divert the conversation to current issues if need be. I’ll miss our meetings, but I’m better for the time spent.

– Manager – Social Services Agency

“Susan’s professional coaching has been invaluable to several of our emerging leaders. She has a way of expressing the truth about first impressions and professional conduct that isn’t always easy to swallow, but it’s always important to know. I know from my own experience working with Susan that she holds people’s feet to the fire when they commit to making a change, or risk losing a client or causing a relationship to deteriorate, but she does it with empathy and respect for the individual.”

– HR Director – Financial Services

 “I have repeatedly heard the words, “You can’t go wrong with Oh My Gauche!” Following our collaboration, I can attest that these endorsements are absolutely true. As a result, over 130 of our top managers were wowed with a day-long session presented at our fall Leadership meeting. I am thrilled to have Oh My Gauche! by our side as we shape a better company and fulfill our commitment to making a difference in our operations, one location at a time. Great reviews all-around”

– SVP HR – National Restaurant Corporation

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