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The History of Courtesy and Etiquette

Historical relevance is imperative to understanding the norms of today.  The genesis of social customs and hierarchies provides context to how we are expected to present in myriad situations, be it with family members or on public transport.

Etiquette History 1

Social courtesies have mattered throughout history, and provided others a glimpse of social order and caste. How one appears and makes their way through the world today bodes to a similar system of rooting people out based on behaviors.

Etiquette History 2

From American colonists seeking independence in 1776, the influence of the Victorian era through today, your group will be enthralled by intriguing storytelling on the history of courtesy and etiquette, which will serve to inform, clarify and provide context for:

Etiquette History 3

  • Aristocracies – Social Hierarchies & Separation
  • Attire and the Demise of Elegance
  • Correspondence & Communications
  • Courtesy – the Evolution of an Elementary Term
  • George Washington and the Rules of Civility
  • Home Rules – Family Manners
  • Hosts & Guests, Roles & Rules
  • Multicultural Manners – Merging Sensibilities
  • Privilege & Social Inequality
  • Respect & Deferment – Courtesies for Children
  • R.S.V.P. & Social Affairs
  • Slaves & Indentured Servants
  • Table Manners – Where They Came From & Why We Need Them

Historical etiquette topics may be selected individually or combined.

Programs available for 60 to 90-minute presentations.

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