“Professional presence is such a persuasive factor in opinion building that no person, business or brand can afford to underestimate its force.”
– Susan Callender, founder


Oh My Gauche is a professional etiquette and soft skills training company specializing in talent development through performance improvement. We help organizations achieve results that require changes and improvements in human capital and create harmonious workplaces.

Courses are available in-person and live online.

Our live online formats are ideal for corporations with multi-city offices and international outposts, to deliver consistency of message and training.

Live online trainings are private and designed to encompass specific topics and needs of organizations.

Oh My Gauche! Practical Soft Skills Focus:

  • Helps develop competencies in people skills and self-presentation relevant to your industry
  • Provides insights and best practices that drive your growth and perception by clients
  • Offers effective training specific to desired business skills, including talent management, high-touch customer service and business etiquette
  • Drives participants in achieving competencies are career trajectory through self-management and professional presence

Questions to consider prior to selecting the best course for your workplace, team or individual needs

Do members of my team or I:

  • Have magnetism which makes people gravitate toward and want to make a connection?
  • Feel uncomfortable and possibly make others feel the same in business-social situations?
  • Know and practice the basic tenets of business etiquette and professional gravitas in all situations?
  • Make a memorable first impression when introduced?
  • Dread or maximize opportunities to mingle and interact with people I’m meeting for the first time?
  • Converse easily with new acquaintances and make productive connections?
  • Feel confident in the role as the host or guest in business and social situations?
  • Command positive attention in meetings and hold the interest of colleagues and clients?
  • Regret the choice of words after speaking or clicking “send”?
  • Manage aggressive colleagues in a smart and tactful manner?
  • Agonize over what may be said about me when I leave the room?
  • Use my appearance, attire and body language to elicit positive attention?
  • Fear stating opinions in an assertive, respectful manner?