Recruiters responding to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers rated candidates soft skills as a major criteria in the selection process, next to relevant course work and GPA.  Despite this new college graduates transitioning to the professional world are often deficient in basic business etiquette.  Employers increasingly find they must provide professional presence training.

Defining Professional Presence For Recent Graduates

Voicemail is still alive.  In a multigenerational workplace millennials must fully comprehend the impact of spoken word.  And when speaking they must project credibility.  In place of clear, spoken communication their is an unprofessional reliance on electronic messages.

Managing the impression one makes and creating a desirable image requires social & emotional intelligence.  Graduates must learn the value of personal brand management.  A developed personal brand will allow you to achieve desired results in the professional world.

Oh My Gauche!’s Campus to Career course offers business etiquette school.  Campus to Career is a series of group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.  Courses are designed for soon to be graduates, recent graduates, MBA’s and post-doctoral scholars who wish to make a positive impression.  Campus to Career courses develop professional presence, allowing you to stand-out in highly competitive environments and excel in your professional role.

The Longterm Benefits Of A Refined Professional Presence

Creating a positive professional presence early in your career is like planting a seed for success.  Workshops on interpersonal skills and reputation management develop well-rounded graduates.  These refined graduates find themselves on the fast track to earning the respect of their colleagues and a successful career trajectory.

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