bio_background2The Star Maker

Susan Callender is the Founder and Lead Talent Development Trainer of Oh My Gauche!, a company specializing in the training, coaching and development of individuals and organizations. She has come to be known as the Star Maker by both professionals and professors whose students have soared under her direction and tutelage. Susan built her reputation for cultivating a polite society and gracious living in her role as the CEO and Creative Director for “Best of Boston” award-winning Boston Unique Events, Inc. As one of greater Boston’s leading trendsetters, she has been recognized for helping clients to achieve new heights of success, career trajectory and personal magnetism in professional, academic and social settings through workshops in etiquette, soft skills, reputation management and social-emotional intelligence.
Through discreet, private lessons and large-scale seminars and keynotes, Susan guides individuals in how to hone their self-presentation and leadership skills, polish their manners and develop a sense of courage, confidence and charisma which sets them apart in crowded, competitive fields.
Certified by the American School of Protocol and a member of the Association for Talent Development, Susan has become a recognized expert, featured on CNN, Boston Common Magazine, The Boston Globe, Parenting Magazine, AARP, Elegant Wedding and National Public Radio. She knows first-hand the dedication and relentless planning involved in running a world-class organization centered on client’s needs and desires.
Beyond pursuing her mission to instill a little grace, glamour and gravitas into the daily lives of the general population, Susan enjoys reserving time to touch the lives of adults and children who do not have access to these life-enhancing programs, and hosts pro bono workshops in personal style and essential etiquette. She has hosted a vast base of clientele in private, corporate and educational sectors, including Harvard Business, Medical and Law Schools, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Curtailing conflict, and cultivating connections through social savvy and emotional intelligence training.

To be the catalyst in people’s personal, academic and professional success.

We are committed to guiding individuals to realize their competitive advantage, increase confidence and succeed by presenting relevant, tailored and extremely effective learning programs in a non-intimidating, light-hearted and interactive environment.


The Culinary Arts Training Program class was most appreciative of the wonderful “Oh My Gauche” workshop that you presented. Your presentation was educational, informative, and sensitive to the needs of the group. The students found Susan engaging and developed an instant rapport…

–Jewish Vocational Services

“Oh My Gauche!” has made incorporating changes in our business culture simple and straightforward. Our concerns were directly addressed, including sensitive issues that no manager wanted to bring up with their people and the impression that may be given to customers concerning skirt lengths, cleavage, bare legs and men’s business style. Susan covered it all, from handshakes to thank you notes.

–Longwood Events

I had read about Susan Callender before and was excited to learn she was teaching at Meadowbrook. At first my son was reluctant to attend the class, as he felt that it was some sort of punishment for not having good manners. But after the first class he was intrigued and interested. After the second class he was hooked

–S.S., Weston, MA